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June 25, 2019

Setting the scene

You will probably be aware that in 2017  fees for bringing Employment Tribunal claims were abolished.  So it is now very easy both financially and logistically to bring an employment claim against an employer.

Below has seen the direct impact of this change with Employment tribunal applications increasing year on year.


The average award sum for disability discrimination claims was £30,600

The average award for unfair dismissal was £15,000 ( tHe maximum cap here is £86,444)


From Jan – March 2019 (1st Quarter) The number of single Employment Dispute claims (ET) has increased again from last year by another 6%. 

Outstanding caseload also increased by 8% (to 594,000) over the same period.

Ultimately everything may have been done correctly when dealing with an employee but this still does not guarantee that a business will not find themselves embroiled in an Employment Tribnunal claim.  Disgruntled ex-employees often want their day in court.  

Given how easy it is to bring an employment claim, often there is nothing to lose for an employee trying to bring an employment Tribunal claim.

….And if a claim is brought then it needs to be handled, managed and defended in the right way.  This takes time, cost and expertise.

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