Emerging Risks


Running a business is a great way to earn a living.  However, no business should be blind to the risks.  No insurance policy should also be blind to the risks.

As businesses move away from paper toward greater technology dependency, so new risks emerge.  Many insurance policies neglect these new and emerging risks, leaving you and your business reputation unprotected.

For example, more and more client contact is carried out via email or online – what would happen if you accidentally sent a virus to every single one of your clients?

And what if your business misplaced some important information, such as client data or communications?

Custodian Insurance recognises that your business reputation is paramount. We can make sure that you are protected against virus or privacy risks.

Our policy also recognise that sometimes it is better to make a payment early and keep a client happy than risk souring relations and creating a larger problem as a result.

When something goes wrong, we will help you contact, reimburse and reassure clients and suppliers.

How to get started


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