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September 17, 2020

Right year to buy Employment Dispute Insurance

In April we were required to stay at home and only go out for 1 hours exercise. Schools shut. Most businesses were told to close or work from home. All pubs, restaurants and cafes were closed.

In August we were told that the government would pick up half of our tab if we ate out!

Businesses and organisations across the country have had to adapt, re-adapt and adapt again.

Big businesses have announced enormous staff culls.

Smaller businesses have also had to make a range of difficult calls.

If ever there was a year to buy Employment Dispute insurance this is it.

Never before have businesses and employees had to make so many changes in so little time!

Hopefully, most will have made the right decisions at the right time and in the right way. But not all of them will have.

Why? Because so much is required of us at the moment and we are human. Which means we balls up all the time – like I just did by writing ‘balls up’ in this post!

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