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February 27, 2014

Professional indemnity specialists

One of the sectors we specialise in servicing is the property sector.  So we have a strong offering for all people engaged in offering advice or business services relating to property.

But, it is not just professionals involved in a finished property that we can support.

In simple terms we can offer insurance to anyone that is involved in building, designing, surveying, refitting and selling a property.

We will insure the architect that designs the property.  We will insure the contractor that builds the property.  We will insure the engineer that installs the heating and electrics.  We will insure the surveyor that surveys the property for the bank.  We will insure the estate agent that sells the property.  We will insure the inventory firm that does the inventory on behalf of a land lord or agent.  We will insure the company that manages the property on behalf of the owner.

Many professionals are involved in bricks and mortar.  We will insure all the professionals across the process from  the initial conception of the building through to people living in the home!

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