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April 19, 2018

Professional indemnity insurance for the tech world

CEOs in jeans and hoodies. Nap pods. And more fancy coffee machines than you can shake a stick at. Tech companies have an achingly cool reputation. But outside the land of Google, Apple and Facebook are thousands upon thousands of smaller technology businesses run by normal folks. You know, people who don’t ride to work on a child’s scooter.

Protecting your tech clients

As a broker, it’s your job to support these tech businesses – from consultancy firms to software developers and everything in between – with comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. After all, they may not have a veg garden in the car park or encourage daytime napping, but these companies are still operating in the same constantly evolving landscape as the big guns.

Tech companies large and small are facing unique challenges, like an unprecedented pace of development, increasingly sophisticated data breaches and enhanced regulation. They need insurance that covers them for these challenges. And that’s where you come in.

Insurance designed for technology professionals

At Custodian Insurance, we partner with you to provide the customised insurance that your tech clients need. Our technology insurance includes the standard wording that you’d expect, as well as specialist wording designed just for tech companies. This includes:

  • Breach of contract for defined IT products
  • Material defect in defined IT products
  • Breach of fitness for purpose, quality and safety laws

By providing industry-specific cover like this, you can protect your clients, leaving them to focus on surviving and thriving in the tech world.

The Custodian team has more than 15 years’ experience in sector-specific professional indemnity insurance. Discover how we can help support your technology clients today.

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