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Insurance for Property Agents

Looking out for you while you look after your clients

Pricing of Custodian Insurance Policies

You’ll understand that being insurance providers we’ll need to collect a little information before we quote: activities, claims history, inside leg measurement and so on.  To give you an idea of price for a property agent turning over around £200,000 we should be able to get under a premium of £500!  Send us your telephone number and sit back in the knowledge you are now dealing with the experts.

Evolving cover meets the needs of your business

Your business environment does not stay the same year in and year out. Nor does our cover. We are continually evolving our cover to meet with the changing landscape of your business environment.

Download a summary of all the cover you could get from us.

So quick, so simple

Its very simple.  You can either complete a short electronic proposal form and email it to us.  Or if you prefer you can call us and we can often provide a quote on the phone.  What have you got to lose other than a few minutes.  Call us on 0207 648 4343 or complete the attached proposal form and email it to

Even in the digital age, talking to us may be the easiest way to find out what we can do for you

We love talking to property agents!  So call us on 0207 648 4343. Or send us your telephone number below if you would prefer us to pick up the phone bill!  Either way we would love to speak to you.

Thank you for considering Custodian for your professional indemnity cover for property agents.

If you’re looking for industry leading professional indemnity insurance from a friendly, reliable team, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to make the process as quick and simple for you as possible and to provide a policy that covers all of the specific risks in your sector. It’s why we develop our own policies for different business sectors, to ensure all risks and vulnerabilities are comprehensively covered.


Many of our customers choose to insure with Custodian because they love the simplified buying process and have utmost confidence in our bespoke policies.

Often we can provide the cover you need in just a few minutes, without any form filling. All we need is a short conversation with you to find out more about your business. Then you can return to the important business of looking after your customers, how refreshing!

Policies with enhanced protection

Some professional indemnity policies include clauses requiring policyholders to pay up to 20% of the defence costs for particular claims, potentially placing real cash flow pressure on a business. Our policies don’t. We settle 100% of claims bar any excesses stipulated in your policy. We don’t believe in hidden surprises!

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Buy with confidence

Our bespoke property agents’ policies are backed by leading insurance underwriter AXA Insurance UK Plc and include cover specific to your sector including:

  • Exposure to inadvertent breaches of The Estate Agents’ Act 1979, The Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007.
  • Joint agency agreements, covering the business for your share of the liability should a claim emerge.
  • Complaints to the Property Ombudsman resulting in an award against your business.
  • Inadvertent breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
  • Third party claims arising from an employee’s actions.

Our product also protects against new exposures facing business today:

Cyber cover

  • Should a breach of privacy occur, your policy will support you in communicating to the aggrieved parties.

We understand how the modern agent conducts their business. Our product covers claims arising from business activities conducted electronically by internet, extranet or other media as well as some claims arising from use of social media for business.

If you inadvertently transmit a virus to a third party and cause damage to their system, our policy will contribute to the cost of repairing this damage.


  • Our policy is specific in the cover it provides around new duties surrounding Legionella.

Intellectual property breaches

  • Our policy funds the costs of pursuing a case, should there be a breach of your intellectual property rights.
Not all insurance policies for property agents include all of the above. Call us on 0207 648 4343 email or tweet us @custodianchat

Your Custodian - Adding value to your policy

  • We are committed to providing an efficient, responsive and discrete service.
  • We provide a friendly, professional claims service with experience of handling thousands of professional disputes.
  • Our clients have access to up to date and useful information about new legislation relevant to the property sector.
  • We have an evolving policy, regularly updated to reflect the changing legal and commercial environment. Our policy wording is in plain English, so you understand your cover.
  • Flexible payment options including instalments and extended credit terms

Peace of mind

Our policies are designed to give you peace of mind, and include additional protection you don’t always find elsewhere. We are, after all, on your side:

Our product has an innocent non-disclosure provision included. Should you make an honest mistake or omission in applying for your insurance or in presenting your information, it will not be used aggressively against you if you were ever to make a claim.

Our product has a wide definition of ‘you’ – it includes past partners and deceased partners via their estate.

If we ever require a partner to attend at court we would reimburse them £500 per day for their time

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