Insurance for Technology Professionals

A technology professional  may be involved in programming or customising software, selling hardware or software, maintenance, technology consultancy, infrastructure work, advising businesses on how to automate functions and a whole host of other activities.

Our wording is a civil liability based wording and goes beyond a basic negligence based wording.  There has always been a grey area between provision of products and services within the technology sector.  Often an IT product can be seen as an intangible service with vested intellectual property.  Our cover seeks to remove this grey area by offering clear cover for IT Products.

We also have some added coverages that are particularly relevant to the technology sector.  Within this area breaches of intellectual property rights are common.  Our wordings will not only cover inadvertent breaches of intellectual property but will also provide some support in pursuing third parties who have breached your intellectual property.  Beyond this we have also included an element of virus cover in the event that you cause a loss to your client through an inadvertent virus transmission.

We have aimed to deliver:

–       a product that will protect a technology business from old exposures and emerging risks

–       a product that covers both generic and sector specific exposures.

–       a service that is efficient and discrete.

–       An insurer behind our products that has both reputation and financial security

–       a claims service that is sensitive and experienced

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