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Insurance for Surveyors

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Whether you are a Chartered or non-chartered Surveyor, an established business or a start up firm, Custodian provides industry-leading business insurance for Surveyors, supported by our friendly, reliable team. We understand that buying appropriate professional indemnity insurance is not always straightforward for Surveyors and we make the process as comfortable and efficient as possible, addressing concerns regarding protection and risk management.

We provide ‘BIG’ cover

We don’t cut corners or trim back the cover we offer just to achieve a cut-price end product. So for your Professional Indemnity, or any other business-related insurance, we’ll make sure you get all the cover you need, in a great-value policy!

Professional Indemnity – a Custodian Speciality!

Custodian’s Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you against the risks you would expect to face as a Surveyor. If you are a member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) then we will provide you a with a RICS compliant policy. If you are not then we will provide you with a similar appropriate policy. Our products for surveyors cover:

  • Claims arising from dishonest acts of your employees as well as your directors
  • Mitigation of loss cover – so we may pay an outstanding fee in order to avoid a larger claim
  • Court attendance costs of up to £500 per day
  • Up to £500,000 to defend a criminal proceeding
  • Pollution rectification cover
  • Pursuit costs of up to £25,000 if your intellectual property is infringed
  • Should a breach of privacy occur, your policy will support you in communicating to the aggrieved parties
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Our Professional Indemnity offering for Architects is backed by leading insurance underwriter AXA Insurance UK Plc

Cyber Cover

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance covers claims arising from business activities conducted electronically online on the Internet, extranets or other media as well as some claims arising from use of social media for business. If you inadvertently transmit a virus to a third party and cause damage to their system, our policy will contribute to the cost of repairing the damage.

Run your FREE Cyber Healthcheck now!

Our Cyber Healthcheck will help you to assess your vulnerability to the ever-growing threat of a cyber attack. Please enter your details and we’ll email you a link to your free healthcheck, with our compliments.

About your company

What is your position in the company?

CEO / OwnerCFO / Finance DirectorCIO / IT Director / CTO / Technical DirectorRisk / Compliance / CISO / Security Officer

What is your business turnover?

10 - £100,000£100,001 - £1,000,000£1,000,001 - £10,000,000> £10,000,000

What Sector is your business in?

Please answer all of the questions on the right that you know the answers to. The more information you give us, the better we can match our advice to your needs. When you have finished, press ‘submit` and one of out team will be in touch.
About your IT policies

Do you use IT to run your business?


Please include all Cloud Based IT Systems like Google Apps, Office365 and systems for Invoicing, Payroll and Accounting in your analysis.

Are your Business Software and Anti-Virus definitions automatically updated to the latest release?

Yes, our Business Software and Anti-Virus definitions are updated/patched automatically.As part of our processes, our Business Software and Anti-Virus definitions are updated at least every couple of months.We update and patch our Business Software and Anti-Virus when we can.We don't have a process for updating and patching our Business Software and Anti-Virus.We don’t have Anti-virus installed on all our PCs

Are firewalls in place to protect your infrastructure?

Yes, firewalls are in place and firewall logs and definitions are regularly checked.Yes, firewalls are in place but no process to check logs and definitions.We don’t have firewalls.

Has your business ever had a security risk or vulnerability assessment?

Yes, but not in the last 12 monthsYes regularly, at least yearlyNo, never

Has your business ever been disrupted by a Security Incident?

No known incident in the last five yearsNo more than one incident in the last five years causing business disruptionMultiple incidents in the last five years causing business disruption

What is the business consequence of losing access to your data and/or systems?

Limited or no revenue impact during outageSignificant revenue impact during outage (but business continues)My business virtually stops during outage

Do you have backup storage and systems in place that are regularly tested?

Yes, offsite and off-net backups are in place and testedYes, backup in place but not testedNo backup mechanism in placeNo backup mechanism in place, but data distributed over several systems (BYOD)

What is the consequence of internal data and systems being exposed to a third party?

We do not hold any internal, staff or customer data or run systems that would cause business or disclosure issues if being exposed.We hold business confidential and/or PII data that will cause mayor embarrassment and possibly fines if lost to a third party.

Do you know where all copies of your critical data are stored?

Yes, the business has controlled, encrypted storage of all critical dataYes, central storage but not encryptedI am not sure exactly where all my critical data is storedI am not sure where it is and staff frequently store critical data on their home and mobile systems

What if your website were inaccessible by partners or customers?

Our website is for informative purpose only, so no business impact.Our website has no monetary transactions, but more than a thousand hits per week.Our business is website centric and we would lose most our revenue if the Web-site were down.We don't have a website.

What would the consequence be of your Web-site being de-faced or altered in a negative way?

We don’t have much traffic on our web-site, so not sure anyone would notice.A lot of our business goes through our Web-site (> 1000 hits per week), this would be embarrassing and disruptive to our businessWe are a charity or political organisation, our web site represents our ethic and political views and having it altered would have a major negative impact.We don't have a web site

What if someone forged an email to look exactly like it came from your Finance Director, to Accounts Payable, with instructions to make an online transfer to an external account?

Our procedures would verify through other means that the source was authentic so no action would be takenOnly digitally signed emails or messages from an authorised person can authorize a paymentWe have no process for Accounts Payable to authenticate emails from CxOs.

Call us today on 0207 648 4343 for an instant quotation, email or tweet us @custodianchat

Custodian Extra – adding value to your policy!

We also make these services and resources available to you, often at no extra charge:

  • Collateral Warranty Checking: in partnership with a law firm specialising in this service we offer contract checks within your policy year.
  • Business Resources: many resources, guides and templates you can access free of charge and even download as in text format to add your own branding.
  • Business Legal Documents: a suite of ready-to-sign contract templates, agreements and letters developed by solicitors including up-to-date employment manuals

Additional services available from Custodian…

Harmonising your cover: if you are buying office insurance separately, we can bring the renewal date of this in line with your PI cover, so you only need to think about it once a year!

Free Consultation Helpline: when you take advantage of the full suite of Custodian covers you’ll be able to call our FREE Consultation Helpline for advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Tax advice relating to your business finances
  • Legal advice: confidential legal advice on any commercial legal problem affecting your business
  • Counselling: available to promote your wellbeing and that of all your employees (and members of their immediate family who always live with them) and where appropriate, give guidance on where else to seek help.

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