Insurance for Professional Exposure

There aren’t many professions offering advice or design that we don’t have a suitable product for.  It’s not possible to list the types of businesses and profesionals we can help.  Our products are suitable for a wide range of professions from management consultants, business consultants, energy assessors through to recruitment agents and weed killers!

Our wording is a full civil liability based wording and goes beyond a basic negligence based wording.  We have also added some extensions that are pertinent to businesses offering advice or design for a living.

Beyond the standard cover which protects you against a claim for negligence our product includes the following features:

–       a claim arising from loss of document cover up to £250,000 and including electronic documents

–       defending an action brought against you for a breach under the Dataa Protection Act up to £250,000

–       pursuit costs in the event that someone infringes your intellectual property

We have aimed to deliver:

–       a product that will protect businesses from both traditional and emerging exposures

–       a service that is efficient and discrete.

–       An insurer behind our products that has both reputation and financial security

–       a claims service that is sensitive and experienced

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