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Insurance for Contractors and Consultants

We’ve got your industry covered!

We offer a wide range of industry-leading insurance products for Contractors, tailored precisely to their individual requirements and supported by our friendly, reliable team. Here’s why our satisfied customers choose Custodian…

We’re flexible

We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ – your policy with us will meet your specific needs.

  • If you don’t have employees we won’t advise you to buy Employer’s Liability cover.
  • If you want a cover limit below £1m, or above £5m, we’ll provide it
  • We offer easy payment options to suit your budget.
  • If your institute or professional body requires a minimum wording, we’ll supply it.

And if any of that sounds complicated, we’ll make sense of it all for you!

We’re industry-specific

We don’t put all contractors into one basket.

We know that contractors across different sectors and industries won’t all have identical needs. Our policies are industry-specific, because your contract is.

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We provide ‘BIG’ cover

We don’t cut corners or trim back the cover we offer just to achieve a cut-price end product. We believe contractors need as much cover as any other small businesses. So whether it’s Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employer’s Liability, Legal Expenses – whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you get all the cover you need, in a great-value policy!


Arranging comprehensive cover for all the risks and vulnerabilities in your sector is made much simpler, because you’re dealing directly with the people creating your policy – Custodian.


We can often provide all the cover you need in minutes, after you give us the basic details. We’ve invested heavily in technology to make the process fast and hassle-free, without any form filling.

No surprises

Some policies require you to contribute toward the defence of a claim if the figure is within the excess. Not ours! We settle 100% of claims, bar any excesses stipulated in your policy, because we don’t believe in nasty surprises.

Call us today on 0207 648 4343 for an instant quotation, email or tweet us @custodianinfo

Custodian Key Benefits

  • Flexibility: no minimum limits or cover you don’t need
  • Up-to-date: we cover some newer exposures arising from electronic trading
  • Previous work: we can usually cover your past work
  • Competitive pricing: with up to 30% discounts for start-up businesses
  • One stop shop’: we offer a full range of products, so you only need deal with one supplier
  • Easy to do business with: the Custodian buying process is straightforward and hassle-free
  • Humans, not machines: when you call us you will always deal with humans – not machines!
  • Cashflow friendly: our business insurance is tax deductible, and we can arrange extended credit or instalments for your premium payments.


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