Insurance for Accountants

Our products are suitable for professionals specializing in book keeping, auditing, management accounting or general practitioners.

If you are a chartered accountant, you can rest assured that our product and choice of insurer complies with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

When it comes to your clients’ finances, trust is a critical thing.  Accounting is an intangible service requiring a high degree of discretion.  Buying insurance is also requires a level of trust and discretion between both parties.  We recognise this needs to be in place from the initial contact in buying the insurance product through to handling a potential claim.

Any information you share with us when buying your insurance is confidential.

Our covers also reflect this.  Our wording is clear in protecting you from an inadvertent breach of your clients confidentiality.  Beyond the standard negligence cover, our wordings also recognise the increased privacy rights individuals have and the growing risks in breaching those rights.  In a more digital environment we are only one accidental press of a button away from a breach of privacy under the Data Protection Act 1988.  Our wording will defend you up to £250,000 in costs if such an action is brought against you as a result of your business activities.

We also recognise an accountancy practice may not necessarily have a static base of partners.  We recognize that partners may leave, join, retire or change their role from employee to part time consultants.  Our wording will automatically protect you from a claim arising from a former partner.

We aim to deliver:

–       a product that will protect an accountancy professional from both known exposures and new exposures.

–       a service that is efficient and discrete.

–       an insurer behind our products that has both reputation and financial security

–       a claims service that is sensitive and experienced

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