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August 9, 2019

Last year, the BBC launched its 50:50 challenge, aiming to positively rebalance the number of female expert contributors on-air and online.

Just one year on, the BBC has seen female representation more than double.

Gender inequality is still present in the UK.

The Royal Statistical Society found that around 95 per cent of receptionists, legal secretaries and care assistants are female in the UK, while 85 per cent of investment bankers are male.

So if a huge corporation like the BBC can make these changes in just a year, what could SMEs do to ensure balance in their business?

Some things we have thought of on how to encourage equality include:

  • Awareness – promoting gender equality and balance in the workplace. This will also allow them to feel confident enough to aim for that promotion.
  • Privacy – ensure places like changing areas and toilets allow privacy for men and women.
  • Creating family friendly workplace policies – again this will show your employees you are all about equality.
  • Communicating a zero tolerance for harassment – ensure your employees know that you stand for equality and do not tolerate discrimination on any level.
  • Flexibility – women are often still in the main carer role and so turn down higher-pay roles because they need flexibility. If the job allows, encouraging flexibility for women and men will be a great way to encourage gender balance.
  • Management training – ensure managers are aware of employment and discrimination laws and hold regular refresher courses.

The BBC have shown us that this is possible! Setting targets and raising awareness can help us all complete the 50:50 challenge. So why not try?

With the best will in the world there are no guarantees that things will go well in life or in business.

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