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March 31, 2014

Jargon be gone!

Jargon be gone!!

What is this about?  Believe it or not it’s about insurance!!!

Mr Jar was a business consultant and he bought 3 types of insurance.

He bought Professional indemnity (PI), Public liability (PL) and Employers liability(EL).

Mr Jar was not good with detail.  So when he made a mistake and one of his clients sued him, his professional indemnity policy defended him and paid for the damages awarded against him.

Mr Jar was a very big man.  So when he went to see a client and sat on his table which then broke damaging everything on top of it, guess what?  His public liability policy paid for the damage.

Mr Jar was not the tidiest employer.  So what happened when an employee tripped over his boss’s PC wire and landed face down into his boss’s cat’s sanitary tray? Yes, you guessed it.  His employer’s liability policy protected him when his employee brought an action against him.

So PI is there for when you create a financial loss.  PL is there for when  you create damage or injury.  EL is there for when your employees suffers injury or illness as a result of their work.

When things come into contact with the sanitary tray, its best to have the right cover in place!

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