Increase in employment tribunal claims... Is this really bad news?

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Sometimes, as an insurance provider, it can feel like we never have good news for SMEs. Especially now. Anyone connected to the world of employment disputes or tribunals will know there has been an increase in since tribunal fees were abolished in 2017. Why? Because it is easier for employees to bring a claim. Because of the increased awareness stimulated by progressive social movements of #Metoo and #BLM. Is the increase in tribunal claims arising from a more empowered workforce, aware of its rights a bad thing? Surely it isn’t, if we take the big picture. Covid has added created another dimension, though. Due to the pandemic employment tribunals have jumped by 28% in the last year, from the previous 12 months. Why? Because we are seeing a scale of enforced changes in the workforce not seen since the Second World War. Enforced tests, isolations, mask wearing, almost 10 million people furloughed nationwide, instructions to come into work or stay at home when not comfortable are now commonplace. No wonder employees past and present are feeling hard done by. No wonder many businesses are finding it hard to stay on top of all employee issues. One thing though... There is, at least, cover available for employment disputes. Call us on 03333 448 535 to learn more about how businesses can be protected here.