Insurance for HR Specialists

Our HR insurance policies are there to help you if things get tricky. Perfect for business owners, HR consultants and employment lawyers, our policies protect businesses and people when they need it most. And with great customer service, and a promise to defend you or your clients from an insured event even if the outcome is unpredictable, why go anywhere else?


Patrick Land, Isosceles

I appreciated their persistence, understanding of my profession and also the very competitive quotation. Custodian Insurance did pretty much everything well.

Rory Lawton, The HR Dept Ltd

Katie and Andreia (and previously Zahid) have all been very helpful and contactable by phone. I also appreciate your polite, regular chasers (and the patience you’ve shown with them) because I often lose track of emails and tasks, and insurance is very important to our company’s risk management.

Things Custodian Insurance did well include their Customer Service (phone and email), flexibility and clarity (explaining things in simple terms and understanding that I don’t know much about insurance!), and patience when I kept needing tweaks to quotes and long delays on my responses due to business demands. Thanks!

I’m very happy with the service, thanks!

Anne Simmonds, RGIS (Retail Grocery Inventory Services)

Quick and easy process and value for money. It was very clear what information was needed.

H2L Expert Letting

Awesome, awesome service 😊  Thank you.

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