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March 14, 2014

A Friday afternoon story for you…

Have you ever heard an insurance story?

“Please no!” I hear you cry!

Insurance is a live thing that lives and operates every day in the business world.  So perhaps you’ll read on if you’ve come this far already!

So this is a story about Mr Shittapenz  (he hails from Central Europe) and it paints a picture of how things can change with insurance in place.

Mr Shittapenz works for a shoe distributor called Our Soles Around Ltd.

The management of Our Soles Around Ltd were not very nice and the story really starts with Mr Shittapenz  in a room with his boss (Mr Powell) and an HR consultant.

After an hour of hearing lots of clever words and HR jargon, it becomes clear that this was not going to end well.  He was being fired.

A few facts about Mr Powell: he used to be a UKIP member but was pushed out due to his views being too right wing for the party.

A few facts about Mr Shittapenz: he is black, he has only one arm and he is gay.

These facts provide some relevant context for this story.  In fact Mr Shittapenz believed these were the defining context in him being fired.  So he took his boss to the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Six months later.  The judge at the tribunal finds in Mr Shittapenz’s favour and awards £70,000 against Our Soles Around Ltd.

If his boss’s company did not have Employment Practices Insurance then Our Soles Around Ltd would not have been able to pay the award and would have had to declare bankruptcy.  Mr Shittapenz would have struggled to get his due money and would have sunk into despair.

However Our Soles Around Ltd did have this insurance.  So the tale takes on a different path… Find out what happens?

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