A timely post for employers

A timely post for employers

You might think that the work cultures promoting excessively long hours went out of fashion with red braces, shoulder pads, bankers and red meat. But perhaps this is not entirely the case… Did you know that UK workers are most likely to bring an employment claim against their employer for […]

Women sacked for self-isolating

Women sacked for self-isolating! Yes, its true. A shop worker with Type 1 diabetes was sacked for self-isolating at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and has been awarded a £7,000 payout at an Employment Tribunal. It was unanimously agreed that she was unfairly dismissed and the deductions from her […]

Right year to buy Employment Dispute Insurance

In April we were required to stay at home and only go out for 1 hours exercise. Schools shut. Most businesses were told to close or work from home. All pubs, restaurants and cafes were closed. In August we were told that the government would pick up half of our […]

Sexual orientation discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination claims are on the increase. Sorry to disappoint! When comparing 2015-2016 to 2019-2020 we can see that sexual orientation discrimination claims have increased by 165%. That’s a big increase. So are we becoming older and more bigoted? I would suggest not. In some ways it points to […]

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