What would a claim cost you..?

What would a claim cost you..?

Its one thing having professional indemnity cover. Its another thing being covered. We all think and hope that we will never have a claim.  But what if….  What if you did have a claim. How much would it cost you? You might think ‘nothing’ if you have PI cover in […]

If you are a property agent, have a quick look at this…

To all Property Agents… Are you covered? You may already have a professional indemnity policy but are you covered? Are your employees covered? Are your past directors covered? Does your current insurer recognise that technology is plays a growing part in your business? Our civil liability product covers you for […]

The Immigration Bill…

So… Maybe you heard about the Immigration Bill which will was given Royal Assent on 14th May 2014 and comes into effect in October 2014. Basically, this will require agents and landlords to ensure all tenants have the ‘Right to Rent’ and are legally entitled to reside in the country. […]

It may be your data but its your customer’s privacy!

So there is this thing called the Data Protection Act 1998. This basically means that if you are a business holding information on individuals then the Act applies to you.  The act safeguards the individuals whose information you have. Breaches could be criminal as well as civil. It is worth […]

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