Jargon be gone!

Jargon be gone!

Jargon be gone!! What is this about?  Believe it or not it’s about insurance!!! Mr Jar was a business consultant and he bought 3 types of insurance. He bought Professional indemnity (PI), Public liability (PL) and Employers liability(EL). Mr Jar was not good with detail.  So when he made a […]

The Friday fable continues…..

So continuing from our story last week.  We saw Mr Shittapenz get fired, bring a successful claim for unfair dismissal, and getting an  award of £70,000 (paid for by his ex employers’ insurers!) So Mr Shittapenz is £70,000 richer but without a job. What now, he thinks? Mr Shittapenz had […]

All change for Estate agents and Letting agents…

There is so much change in the landscape property agents operating within. The changes are economic, legislative and behavioural. The upturn in the economy, low interest rates, the help to buy and escalating house prices are fuelling the housing market.  This same inflation in property prices is also leading more people […]

A Friday afternoon story for you…

Have you ever heard an insurance story? “Please no!” I hear you cry! Insurance is a live thing that lives and operates every day in the business world.  So perhaps you’ll read on if you’ve come this far already! So this is a story about Mr Shittapenz  (he hails from […]

What on earth does it all mean?

I hear so many people requesting Public liability when they really mean Professional Indemnity, Employment Practices Liability when they really mean Employers Liability. So what are these covers and what do they do? Here is a simple guide:. Professional indemnity:  This protects you against your legal liability toward a third […]

Trouble on two legs – why take the risk?

Whether you are a large property agent with lots of employees or a surveyor with just one employee, it is a legal requirement for all employers to have employers’ liability insurance. Running a company may come with its own headaches, but employers’ liability insurance doesn’t have to be one of […]

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