Complaints about complaints..

Complaints about complaints..

Complaints…sometimes they happen. At the last ARLA conference the Ombudsman cited one of the main causes for a complaint to escalate.  It wasn’t the nature of the complaint or the cause of the complaint IT WAS HOW THE COMPLAINT WAS DEALT WITH!  It was found that however severe or insignificant […]

I heard it from the Ombudsman..

No agent wants to be the subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman. So what are the most common causes of complaint? At the last ALRA conference the Ombudsman identified the following to be the main subject areas of a complaint: – referencing: the reference on a potential tenant has […]

CPRs game changer or more of the same?

The new CPRs have now come into force. We talk with many property agents.  It seems the views held range from this is just a storm in a tea cup to this is a comlete game changer transforming an agents liability beyond recognition.  The are also a few agents that […]

Alot of hot air can cause a whole lot of damage..

We all want business. And we all don’t want to pay more than we have to for services. If you are a landlord or a property agent, it could be quite tempting to go for the cheapest Gas safety Certification engineer. It could be tempting to try a new guy […]

One call is all it takes!

Have you ever experienced any of these issues from your current insurance provider? > Lack of communication > Being sold covers you do not need > Being overcharged > Unclear documentation from unknown insurers >Long laborious forms asking far too many questions If you have experienced any of these things […]

Ingenious way for you to sell a house worth just over £250k or just corrupt?

Selling a house just over £250k can be a challenge, as no one wants to go just above the stamp duty ceiling. This poses a problem for a seller if their house is worth just over £250,000. Buyers don’t want to offer more than £250,000 as they will then incur the […]

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