What happens if you are not a limited company and you get sued…

What happens if you are not a limited company and you get sued…

Was asked a question a few weeks ago by a consultant. The question was: “What happens if I make a mistake and I get sued by a company?” I then asked: “Are you a limited company?” They responded: “No” I then had to explain that, potentially, they have put their […]

Cover yourself!

Now over 50% of all SMEs buy professional indemnity cover.  It’s often hard for a business to know what to look for.  Wordings and insurers vary considerably.  To summarise, if you are advising, designing or surveying then it’s sensible to buy professional indemnity cover.  Try to obtain cover on a […]

The trouble with staff is troublesome staff…

A firm with 15 employees and a turnover of over £4,000,000 I was talking to was trying to manage a troublesome, unproductive member of staff.  They had a few meetings with the person in question and performance was not improving.  This business asked me what would happen if they managed […]

Modern risks

Recently an estate agent was fined over their data protection regime. Under the Data Protection Act, all organisations processing personal information are required to register with the Information commissioners Office. Failure to register is a criminal offence and could lead to a fine of up to £5,000 in a magistrates […]

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