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September 18, 2017

New cover for a new age

Our general professional indemnity wording has been improved yet again.

It now includes Third Party Hacker cover, Disputed Fees cover and Pollution defence costs cover, as well as more clearly acknowledging the Insurance Act.

This means that if the insured is hacked and experiences a claim due to not being able to access their system, then there is cover.

If the insured negligently transmit a virus and cause a third party claim there is cover.

If the insured is hacked and a third party then relies on fraudulent changes made to their system by a hacker then there is cover if a third party claim is brought.

Also the disputed fees cover gives the insured clear recourse in the policy to pay a disputed fee to avoid a claim being made against them, subject to policy terms and conditions.    

Our wording was already a civil liability wording that included pursuit costs cover, virus costs cover, electronic trading, privacy costs cover and Data Protection Act Costs.  

So why are we adding more cover?  

We are offering this cover so clients that insure with us can feel safe and protected from traditional and emerging exposures

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