Custodian Musings

Alot of hot air can cause a whole lot of damage..

We all want business. And we all don’t want to pay more than we have to for services. If you are a landlord or a property agent, it could be quite tempting to go for the cheapest Gas safety Certification engineer. It could be tempting to try a new guy […]

One call is all it takes!

Have you ever experienced any of these issues from your current insurance provider? > Lack of communication > Being sold covers you do not need > Being overcharged > Unclear documentation from unknown insurers >Long laborious forms asking far too many questions If you have experienced any of these things […]

Ingenious way for you to sell a house worth just over £250k or just corrupt?

Selling a house just over £250k can be a challenge, as no one wants to go just above the stamp duty ceiling. This poses a problem for a seller if their house is worth just over £250,000. Buyers don’t want to offer more than £250,000 as they will then incur the […]

Mandatory Professional indemnity for property agents?

Not yet… However, we have seen the government step in recently to protect the public with replacing the Property Misdescriptions Act with wider consumer protection in the form of CPRs. Currently letting agents are not externally regulated and not required to have professional indemnity.  The level of potential risk this […]

What makes Custodian unique?

Custodian Management Ltd is an insurance underwriting agency devoted to protecting businesses from traditional and modern professional risks.  We are part of the Advent Group based on 15-17 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3QQ.  The Custodian offering is focused on providing professional indemnity solutions to niche professional groupings.  Property professionals are one of […]

Should you read this piece about professional indemnity…? We think “yes”!

Do you need professional indemnity!? Now over 50% of all SMEs buy professional indemnity cover.  It’s often hard for a business to know what to look for.  Wordings and insurers vary considerably.  To summarise, if you are advising, selling, designing or surveying then it’s sensible to buy professional indemnity cover.  […]

Estate agents duties widen..

You may be aware that the Property Misdescription Act has now been repealed and replaced by the CPRs.  If you are aware you will know that, a propertyt agent’s liabilities have just increased.  The main outcome of this is that when selling or letting a property an agent will now have […]

Estate agents are the biggest employers in the UK!

Around 25,000 new estate agent jobs were created in 3 months to June according to the Office for National Statistics.  This is a jump in employment of 10% within their sector. This is good news for those owning houses.  I’m sure its good news for the restaurants and cafes on […]

Property misdescriptions gets nasty…worth a read by estate agents

Protect your business Estate agents, letting agents, property professionals.  All have one thing in common.  They earn their living by presenting, advising, talking and ultimately selling! So, they may be unaware of it but for most estate agents one of their biggest risks is the risk of professional negligence. Recently […]

What happens if you are not a limited company and you get sued…

Was asked a question a few weeks ago by a consultant. The question was: “What happens if I make a mistake and I get sued by a company?” I then asked: “Are you a limited company?” They responded: “No” I then had to explain that, potentially, they have put their […]

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