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Trouble on two legs – why take the risk?

Whether you are a large property agent with lots of employees or a surveyor with just one employee, it is a legal requirement for all employers to have employers’ liability insurance. Running a company may come with its own headaches, but employers’ liability insurance doesn’t have to be one of […]

Professional indemnity specialists

One of the sectors we specialise in servicing is the property sector.  So we have a strong offering for all people engaged in offering advice or business services relating to property. But, it is not just professionals involved in a finished property that we can support. In simple terms we […]

Advice potential house buyers sellers have been given in dealing with Estate agents!

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ESTATE AGENT Its always useful to know what our potential customers are being advised when dealing with us as a business.  That way we can all be ready with relevant responses, marketing messages and behaviours to attract client. Here is what the Telegraph advised potential […]

Does your insurer know you?

Most estate agents and letting agents will be aware that the Property Misdescriptions Act has now been repealed. The legal landscape for Agents has changed with the Consumer Protection Regulations now being extended to also apply to property agents. So the question is why are some insurers still referring to […]

The Property Misdescriptions Act repeal

Last October the Property Misdesrcriptions Act 1991 was repealed in favour of the new CPRs. This new law looks like it could significantly increase the liabilities faced by an agent. The Custodian Property Agents Product has been relaunched to address this new liability.  Our product is underwritten by Axa Insurance […]

If CPRs mean nothing to you then read on….

If CPR means nothing to better read on… On 1 October 2013, the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 was repealed and replaced by The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs). So what you might say? Well, this has wide-ranging implications for all estate agents and lettings agents. The […]

Don’t get punished for an innocent mistake

When buying your professional indemnity insurance you will generally have to answer some questions. There is an expectation from you to disclose all ‘material facts’ to insurers. So what is a material fact? A material fact is a piece of information that would have changed how your insurance quote or […]

Complaints about complaints..

Complaints…sometimes they happen. At the last ARLA conference the Ombudsman cited one of the main causes for a complaint to escalate.  It wasn’t the nature of the complaint or the cause of the complaint IT WAS HOW THE COMPLAINT WAS DEALT WITH!  It was found that however severe or insignificant […]

I heard it from the Ombudsman..

No agent wants to be the subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman. So what are the most common causes of complaint? At the last ALRA conference the Ombudsman identified the following to be the main subject areas of a complaint: – referencing: the reference on a potential tenant has […]

CPRs game changer or more of the same?

The new CPRs have now come into force. We talk with many property agents.  It seems the views held range from this is just a storm in a tea cup to this is a comlete game changer transforming an agents liability beyond recognition.  The are also a few agents that […]

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