Custodian Musings

Demographics changing in the rental space

We all know that young people are struggling to get on the housing ladder. Estate agents have been warning about this trend for years, and there has been much talk in political circles about how to address this issue, but the trend appears to be strengthening. A recent report, conducted […]

Protect tenant information from Identity theft

As a property manager or landlord, you handle a large volume of personal information. Not only do you have to keep existing tenants’ information on hand, but you also have information collected from prospective tenants during the rental process. Collecting sensitive personal information is essential for thorough tenant referencing. However, […]

Life after Brexit

UK Elects to Leave EU in Historic Vote In a decision sending shockwaves across world markets, Britain chose to leave the EU in an historic vote with lasting ramifications. As the country absorbs the surprising results, prudent employers would do well to understand what happened, what happens next, and how […]

Social Media Crisis Response Plan

Social media is the way of the world. Well over one billion people worldwide use at least one form of social media on a daily basis, and that number keeps increasing. Most businesses have followed suit, realising that social media is a useful way to build a brand and reach […]

2016 Budget

2016 Budget Key Numbers and Highlights On 16th March 2016, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his 2016 Budget to Parliament, the second as part of a full Conservative government. He characterised the measures as a budget that puts ‘the next generation first’, and took the opportunity to express […]

The Insurance Act

The Insurance Act The Insurance Act, a piece of legislation designed to modernise and support the growth of Britain’s insurance industry, received Royal Assent on 12th February 2015, thus making it an Act of Parliament (law). The Act ushers in a more modern regime for the industry by updating the […]

Challenges of the UK Property Market

Challenges Facing the UK Property Market Purchasing property can be a shrewd—but not foolproof—investment. The property market is influenced by supply and demand, availability of credit, and the health of the UK economy—all of which are constantly fluctuating. While some of these challenges can change yearly or even monthly, others […]

Social Security

Social Media Security While the advantages of allowing access to social media sites outweigh the potential hazards for most organisations, social media use does pose a number of security risks for your company. Read on for a list of the most common risks associated with social media use and how […]

Minimum Energy Standards

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Are Coming On 1st April 2016, the first phase of the new minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES), found within The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015, will come into force for England and Wales. The regulations are part of the government’s strategy […]

Employment Practices Insurance – a useful summary

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: What is it and do you need it? There has been an increase in litigation concerning workplace issues over the past decades, with employment tribunals awarding thousands of pounds for individual claims. This increase in litigation is partially due to employees becoming more aware of their rights […]

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