The Claims Process

If you need to make a claim, or simply want some advice, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Your claim will be handled by seasoned professionals that have handled tens of thousands of professional disputes since 1987.

The very fact that you have chosen insurance from Custodian means that we’ll be able to help, no matter how complex or sensitive the issue. That’s because you’ll have the right cover from the outset, tailored to your profession.

Protecting your reputation and your client base is paramount, and Custodian’s experienced specialists have been successful in resolving some particularly difficult commercial and legal situations.

What could possibly go wrong..? 

Most people and businesses don’t expect anything to go wrong.  But unfortunately they do…


1. Builder ‘A’ is instructed by his principal to commence building on a site.  The site was not yet fully ready so movement resulted in the construction.  Builder ‘A’ argued he was just acting under instructions and it was not his responsibility to ensure the site was ready.  However, the courts decided that as a professional, he should have checked the site.  Builder ‘A’ was then required to pay costs.

2. Estate agent outsources reference checks on a potential tenant to a third party.  Third party gives the all clear.  Estate agent then enters into Shorthold tenancy with tenant.  Tenant then creates a variety of expensive breaches.  Estate agent tried to argue it was the third party reference check that was to blame.  It was determined that the estate agent had ultimate responsibility and should have undertaken more checks.  An expensive mistake.

What ifs..

What if… a business inadvertently sends a virus to a client that damages their system?

Answer: the Custodian policy will provide some support in fixing their client’s system

What if… an employee inadvertently defames an individual or another business?

Answer: the Custodian policy will pay to defend any claim bought against the company for defamation.

What if… a third party breaches your intellectual property?

Answer: the Custodian policy will support an aggressive action in pursuing the perpetrator.

What if… the dishonest act of an employee causes a third party claim for negligence?

Answer: the Custodian policy will provide cover for third party claims arising from the dishonest act of an employee.

We all hope that nothing like this will happen to us.  But it is the nature of life and business to provide us with both good and bad surprises.  So our simple advice is always to hope for the best but also prepare for the worst!  This way you trade happily and sleep easy.

How to get started

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