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Attention insurance brokers!

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Exclusive insurance products that go beyond standard cover from an underwriting agency you can trust

If you’re looking for professional indemnity products that stand out from the crowd and win you more business, Custodian will help.

We’ll work in partnership with you offering comprehensive policies. What’s more, once you’ve logged an enquiry with us we won’t quote to another broker.

This gives you the competitive edge you’re looking for on products that you can sell.

At Custodian, we’re here to build long-term relationships to help you win and maintain your clients and help make a difference to your business.

Talk to our knowledgeable team directly to find out more about the products we offer, which currently include

  • Management liability
  • Directors and officers
  • Employment practices
  • Legal expenses

With more to follow!

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The Custodian standard

* Our standard policies go beyond offering just the standard cover. As well as offering civil liability cover, infringement, breach of confidence and defamation, our products offer much more, including:

  • Third party claims caused by dishonesty of partner/director AND employees
  • Mitigation of loss: this could even include settling an outstanding fee if doing so would avoid a greater claim
  • Representation costs are covered. So if Insured is required to represent themselves in a claims matter that may be covered by the policy
  • Court compensation is £500 per day for partners
  • Prosecution defence costs up to £500,000
  • £250,000 of loss of docs including electronic docs
  • Privacy costs: a growing duty to keep data safe and increasing responsibilities on Insured’s if they breach a person’s privacy. This will support the Insured in their notification costs to customers of up to £25,000
  • We cover inadvertent transmission of virus to a third party up to £20,000
  • Our policy even supports Insured’s bringing an action against a third party in breach of their Intellectual property of up to £20,000
  • We also have an innocent non disclosure clause protecting the Insureds from innocent omissions
  • Wide definition of who is insured: includes all former partners/directors, and even deceased partners/directors via their estates

These are just some of the features. We have a different product for each of the main sectors with covers designed specifically for that sector.

*The above are subject to policy terms and conditions

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Why Custodian?

First of all, we respect your deadlines, we understand that your business needs to be responsive and attentive, and will uphold those standards by working in partnership with you.

We’ll have fluid, open lines of communication with you so you are kept informed of progress on quotes, and claims so you won’t need to ‘chase’ for information.

Rest assured that the security on our products are from A rated, blue chip carriers so all our insurance products have quality backing.

Any questions?

We’re sure you have questions!  Please call us on 0207 648 4343 for a full explanation of our exclusive insurance products.

Why not try us before you buy?

We’re happy for you to send us a few enquiries to ‘test’ our services before we go on to draft our terms of business agreement (TOBA). Our entry requirements are not prohibitively high and you are welcome to use Custodian for just a few products in specific industry sectors, or all of our products.

Easy renewals

On standard risks, we can automatically renew when nothing has changed, reducing administration and policy handling time. We can also operate from a statement of fact for small ‘vanilla’ business and will not insist on a proposal form.

We have new and innovative products and appetite enhancement coming soon, contact us if you’d like to be kept up to date with our latest offers. Contact us for copies of our wordings, proposal forms and key summary sheets, we’ll be happy to supply them to you.

Insurance Intermediary use only

We’d love you to stay in touch with us in whichever way you prefer