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April 19, 2018

Brokers, are you giving your consultancy clients what they need?

When a business is struggling or needs to become more competitive, what does the leadership do? No, the answer isn’t skip off to Hawaii with the workers’ pension fund. (At least, not usually.) Chances are, the leadership brings in a consultant to help turn things around. It’s a familiar story seen all across the country.

Understanding the value of consultants
Particularly in this time of financial uncertainty and political instability, Britain’s consultancy firms are more relevant than ever. Consultants help all sorts of businesses to perform better, cut costs, increase efficiency and achieve growth. They help their clients build stronger companies.

So, as an insurance broker, what can you do to support your consultancy clients? (Other than give them a nice, shiny medal.) The answer is simple: provide professional indemnity insurance that reflects the challenging business environment they’re operating in.

Comprehensive consultancy insurance
Custodian Insurance is all about helping you look after your clients, so our PI insurance is designed to support consultancy firms through today’s critical business challenges. This includes:

  • Cover for infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Disputed fees cover
  • Protection for dishonest acts of employees, partners or directors
  • Claims from business conducted via electronic and social media channels

We think there’s no better way to help your consultancy clients succeed – or, to put it another way, help them help other businesses.

Here at Custodian, our people have been protecting the UK’s businesses for over 15 years. Drop us a line to see why our comprehensive PI insurance is just right for your clients.

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