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March 20, 2018

Architects, our professional indemnity insurance has got you covered

Why don’t architects make their own sandwiches? Because they rely on sub-contractors.

Only joking, of course. Architects are far too busy to eat lunch. Between running a business, managing the design process, delivering the client’s towering expectations, and making all those little ‘tweaks’ the client ‘suggests’ along the way, we doubt you even have time to say the word ‘sandwich’, let alone eat one.

And here’s another thing you probably don’t have time for: choosing the right professional indemnity insurance. Lucky, then, that Custodian Insurance has just what you need, with no messing around.

Designed with you and your business in mind
We’re excited to introduce our expanded architecture-focused professional indemnity insurance. Every industry is different, and your needs as an architect will no doubt differ from those of your sub-contractor colleagues. That’s why specialist cover is so important.

Britain is leading the way in architecture, and the industry is going from strength to strength, especially in London. But with some industry insiders worried about the impact of Brexit, there has never been a more important time for architects to flex their creative muscles, both at home and abroad.

New and improved cover for architects
We’re always looking for new ways to proactively help you and your business. So, we’ve updated our architect professional indemnity policy to give you:

  • Disputed fees cover, in the event that a client refuses to pay.

  • Cyber insurance, with third-party hacker cover.

  • Loss of documents cover, protecting both your in-house documents and third-party documents.

  • Cover for dishonest acts of employees, partners and directors.

With the right professional indemnity insurance in place, you can concentrate on growing your business … as well as finding space for Client X’s last-minute ‘suggestions’ and Client Y’s surprise request for a secret cigar room. You never know, you might even have time to eat a sandwich.

The team at Custodian Insurance has been serving the UK’s architects and other specialist professions for more than 15 years.  Click here to find out more about our new and improved professional indemnity cover for architects. Or  Talk to us on 0207 648 4343  and we’ll get you sorted in no time.


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