A fitting policy.

Is your PI policy fit for purpose?

The property world has changed immeasurably over the last decade and for busy property agents, it’s understandable that there are plenty of things to think about. From dealing with clients and tenants to attracting new business with effective marketing and everything in between, working in property comes with a lot of responsibility.

Among all this, the one area you simply cannot afford to neglect is your Professional Indemnity Insurance. Indeed, one of the areas we see the highest number of claims arising from is property management.

These claims can emerge from all sorts of seemingly innocuous oversights. Perhaps a regular check on your managed properties isn’t being carried out as often as it should. Do you ever find yourself not responding as promptly as you might to concerns raised by tenants?

Perhaps your staff haven’t performed their maintenance checks as thoroughly as you’d expect. Maybe you’ve missed out on highlighting the warning signs in securing tenants for landlords. Increased duties and responsibilities – including the recent legislation around the deadly Legionella bacteria – will only add to your lengthy to-do list.

With that increasingly busy workload, it’s understandable that some important tasks can slip through the net. But have you ever stopped to think about the consequences of an incident which could have been avoided?

Perhaps you’re squeaky clean and despite the growing workload, you’re confident that everything is as it should be. Or perhaps you’ve just been lucky until now.

If you haven’t considered the importance of having a robust tailor-made Professional Indemnity policy, then now’s the time to do it.  See more by clicking here.

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