Why should builders have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

October 22, 2018

Why should builders have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

“Professional indemnity is a waste of money why should I bother with it?” Often construction clients may feel this is the case. However, they may not know that professional indemnity insurance provides cover where a client claims a builder carried out an inadequate service or gave negligent advice. In addition […]

October 17, 2018

Are Technology Firm’s offering a product or service, and does your PI insurance cover both?

The difference between a product and service Often it can be confusing when determining whether something is a service or a product. There are many situations where this can be easily identifiable and some situations where it may not. For example, if you were to attend a hairdressing salon the […]

October 9, 2018

A Q&A on collateral warranties

What is a collateral warranty? A construction project involves many different parties, and with that comes many differing contracts and responsibilities. A collateral warranty is a contract whereby a party to an original contract warrants to a third party that it has complied with its contract; therefore essentially extending the […]

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